In 1899, inspired by necessity, Frederick W. Robertshaw invented the thermostat. Then he founded a manufacturing company to make it. A century later, and still inspired by our founder, Robertshaw has been awarded more than 2,000 patented inventions. Naturally, a few things have changed since the first thermostat. But the inspiration to develop new inventions hasn’t. The father of our company inspired us to become a global leader in the appliance controls industry. Our ability to custom design innovative electronic and electromechanical controls to meet customers’ needs is without equal.

Our latest inventions are highlighted on our new Innovations and Solutions site. Each invention fulfills an important industry need and is the latest in a line of innovative controls that have been developed over the past few years. That kind of inventive thinking – and spirit – means you can expect higher standards. And get higher quality. Call. Ask about our latest inventions. And find out about the complete line of appliance and HVACR controls in the industry. You’ll benefit from our belief that invention is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration. And learn, as we have, that sweating out the details leads to inspiring rewards.

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Picture of 01-017102-118 CONTROL THERMOSTAT 100 - 600F

01-017102-118 CONTROL THERMOSTAT 100 - 600F

SKU: ROBERTSHAW:01-017102-118
Picture of 01-018002-000-0T TEMPERATURE SWITCH


SKU: ROBERTSHAW:01-018002-000-0T
Picture of 01-018002-317 TEMPERATURE SWITCH


SKU: ROBERTSHAW:01-018002-317
Picture of 08-809000-008 THERMOSTAT KIT

08-809000-008 THERMOSTAT KIT

SKU: ROBERTSHAW:08-809000-008