1022 LYNN 1022 KAOWOOL BOARD 15 X 24 X 3/4 QTY - 1 BOARD

Manufacturer: Lynn Manufacturing
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PRODUCT INFO: Vacuum cast ceramic fiber refractory board rated to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. 16 lbs/ft3 density. Material has low thermal conductivity, low thermal mass and resists thermal shock.

USES: This high temperature board is used to repair or build combustion chambers or fireboxes in oil, gas or wood fired boilers and furnaces. Commonly used to make target walls, front plates and floor insulation. Can be easily cut with a knife or hacksaw. Can be drilled or machined. This product also has many other uses including wood stoves, forges, kilns and evaporators.

DIMENSIONS: 15” x 24” x 3/4” (2 Pcs/Pkg). Many other sizes available, see Lynn items 1019, 1021, 1023, 1063.

Made in the USA by Lynn Manufacturing, Inc.